Drama Team

Here are the skits performed by our talented Drama Team at New Beginnings.

My Stone, My Story

Part two of Laying of Stones. Our people describe how the Lord has helped them through some of the biggest struggles of their lives.

Laying of Stones

 The first part of our churchwide Laying of Stones.

Project: New Beginnings

Testimonies about the impact of our church in people’s lives.

Common Ground

We have many differences, but we are all part of the body of Christ.


Rock-a-Bye Nyarlahotep

A hilarious but convicting drama about who–or what–we welcome into our homes.



A drama about the imprisonment of sin and the freeing power of Christ.


Jacob Deceives Isaac

Based on Genesis 27, Jacob deceives his father Isaac into giving him his brother Esau’s blessing–a choice that will have huge repercussions for the life of the chosen family.


Finding Jesus

A convicting skit about what it means to truly embody Christ’s passion for people.

Pssst–they’re always looking for new performers!