As believers, we all have to walk a path towards spiritual maturity—a path inlaid with dips and turns, mountains and ravines, thickets and pastures. We bear our crosses, to some level or another, looking towards Christ as we gradually conform to His image. 

But the path is not easy.  We stumble.  We fall.  We fail.  And by His grace, we are lifted back up again.

God has never promised a life where He would always remove the pain of living as fallen creatures in a fallen world.  But one thing that He does promise is that He’ll be with us through that pain, even when we think He’s not there.

The “Winding Path” is a blog that explores this dimension in a believer’s walk with all its tears and laughter; its heartaches and smiles.  Because it’s not the blood that we shed that makes this journey worthwhile, but it was His blood that was already shed that made this worthwhile journey even possible.
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