First and foremost, our goal is to share the love of Jesus with everyone we know. We’ve learned that Christ isn’t just another character in a story in some book we’re supposed to read. He is the living Savior. He really died on a real cross for our very real sin, and really rose to give us new life! He did that so we can come to know and love the one true God. We’ve experienced change in our lives because of our relationship with God and we want the same for you!

Come hang out with us. We meet every other week at our Mount Olive location, where we eat awesome food, have fun, pray for one another, study God’s Word together, and invest in one another’s lives. We also do all kinds of fun events together. We take seriously what Jesus said about helping others and have a great time doing it!

We welcome guys and gals in both Middle School and High School.

For more info, or for directions, email Pastor Doug at pastordougnbbc@gmail.com.